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Life Update: We Bought A House!


Woohoo! Friends….I was definitely planning on waiting to share this little tidbit until we had moved in, but I’m just way too excited to not share: we bought a house!  Read More

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Modern Market Opens in Westlake


Modern Market is a farm fresh eatery that started in Boulder, CO. They now have 29 locations around the United States, and their second Austin location is opening TODAY! Woop!

I got to try a sneak preview last night as the restaurant tried their “practice dinner” on some guests. Read More

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My Current Reason For Working Out


My parents met at a swim workout, and now they’ve been married for over 30 years. They had both been swimming with a Masters team, and they met at an early morning swim workout. I think if you fall in love at 5:30 in the morning with a swim cap on and no makeup, you know you’ve got something special going. 😉

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We’re Going To Spain!


Hey friends! Just popping in quickly this morning to ask if you could offer any suggestions for our upcoming trip to SPAIN!!!!!! (<- just a teeny bit excited over here.) We’re leaving for our honeymoon in about two weeks, so I still have some time left to do final planning. I’d LOVE to hear some advice from people who have already been! Here are the cities we’ll be visiting:

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My Go-To Weekday Lunch spots in Austin


My go-to weekday lunch spots in Austin, Texas! www.somuchlife.com

Once upon a time, before we were married, Nate used to work up in Round Rock. (That’s the suburb about 20 miles north of Austin.) I was in grad school, he was working crazy hours, and sometimes the only time we could see each other was for lunch. We’d meet at Whole Foods at the Domain, which is roughly between the two cities. Lunch was a salad or soup, and maybe a cookie from the bakery before saying goodbye and driving back our separate ways.  Read More