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Weekend Eats in Austin


Happy Monday, friends! I hung out with my sister, Cara, over the weekend. She texted me last week and asked if she could come visit us,  and I was like, “HECK YES!” I’m loving being able to host people in our new house. Our old house was built in the 1960s, so it only had one bathroom upstairs for all 4 bedrooms. This new house was built in 2007, so we have a master suite downstairs, and guest rooms and a guest bath upstairs. I can’t even express how much of a difference this small change makes when hosting people!

So, she drove down from Fort Worth on Friday night and we bopped around the city all weekend. If you ever visit me in Austin, you’re going to eat a lot of food….and this weekend was no exception. Here are a few places I checked out over the past 3 days! Read More

Weekend Coffee Date

Weekend Coffee Date: Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop


Sugar Mama’s certainly isn’t a new bakery in Austin. They’ve been making some of the best sweets in this city for 10 years. But I’m re-inpsired to post about them here today as part of my Weekend Coffee Date series because the shop is just so dang cute and it’s a great place to meet a friend for a date!

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Food Life Balance

Visiting The Dallas Cowboys Workout Facility with Dairymax


Last Friday, I went up to Frisco to visit the Dallas Cowboys $1.5 billion mega-plex practice facility and headquarters, The Star. I watched their morning practice while eating lunch and talking with Dairymax, the official nutrition partner of the Dallas Cowboys. Read More


October Reads


Good morning! It’s Monday, so here’s to a brand new week ahead. I’m excited. 🙂

On  the last day of every month, I share my monthly reads with you. I try to read about one book a week; sometimes it’s a couple more, and sometimes it’s fewer. But I know that about one a week is a comfortable number for me to enjoy the process while still challenging myself to learn! You can see the whole list of everything I’ve read in 2017 here.

This month, I read 5 books. Two were audiobooks, and three were on my kindle. I rarely buy a book (because my tax dollars are doing that for me at the library!), but this month I did buy one book to read on my kindle because I was so excited for it and didn’t want to wait! Read More


My Fall Skincare Routine


Hey y’all! Happy Friday!

I love seeing this type of post on other blogs, so I’m doing one here. I am by no means a skincare junkie…in fact, I’d say I’m the opposite. I like to find something that works, and then STICK WITH IT FOREVER. Haha! I have such sensitive, acne-prone skin, that I’m not interested in trying oodles of products that could potentially cause a horrible breakout. So I use a couple good ones, and I’m set. Read More