Austin / Weekend Coffee Date

Weekend Coffee Date: Brentwood Social House


weekend coffee date in Austin, TX

Hiya, happy Friday! Today begins a new fall series here on So Much Life called “weekend coffee date.” Each Friday, I’ll take you with me to one of my favorite coffee shops, cafés, or bakeries in ATX. (There are so many good ones!)

I’ve loved exploring coffee shops for almost as long as I can remember. Back in high school, when I lived in Dallas, I’d hunker down in White Rock Coffee while I studied for the SAT and worked on my college applications. Then I moved to Chicago, and while I was living there (and barely making ends meet, I might add…), I’d save a little bit of my grocery budget to splurge on a weekly latte at my favorite coffee shop downtown.  Read More

Austin / Food Trucks

It’s BBQ….It’s Tex-Mex…It’s:



This is the only place in town that pitmaster Aaron Franklin will go to eat BBQ, (besides his own place…duh.) It took me 5 years to make it down to south Austin to give it a try, but I finally went for a lunch date last Friday.

Now, I’m really not a BBQ pro. At all. I probably only eat it twice a year, because one meal of smoked brisket, sausage, and ribs and I want to curl up in bed and nap for 8 hours…haha! (Want to read about ALL the bbq in Austin? Go to Jimmy’s blog.) So consider this a BBQ review from your average I-kind-like-BBQ-but-I-don’t-eat-it-often type of girl. Good? Read More


Way To Help Houston This Labor Day Weekend


I was at the car wash yesterday for the first time in five months… (Washing my car, washing my hair…these are things I can’t be bothered with.) And while I was there, I met a young couple with an 18-month-old daughter. They had evacuated Houston the day before and were staying with friends in Austin. The house that they own in Houston had been destroyed; they woke in the middle of the night to find a foot of water inside. The wife told me she was looking for an apartment in Houston so they could both get back to their jobs ASAP, but they were having major trouble finding any available apartments in their own city.

(And God bless The Final Touch car wash on S. First street in Austin, Texas….the owner refused their money and told them to come back any time for a free wash. I love witnessing these small gestures of kindness!) Read More


A Quick Weekend Trip To Dallas


I grew up in in the suburbs of Dallas, but I left for college in Chicago when I was 18. Although I spent my childhood in the DFW metroplex, I don’t really know it. It’s hard to explore a city when you a) can’t drive, b) don’t have money, and c) aren’t 21, and d) are studying for the SAT on the weekends. (Oh, high school….I REALLY don’t miss ya!)

I visited my little sister, Kylee, who is probably going to be the next Brené Brown. No lie…this girl is a social worker, and she is the gem of all gems. She has a heart of gold, and I love spending time with her. (And I’d be willing to bet that you’ll see her name on a book at Barnes and Noble sometime in this lifetime…)

Here’s a quick recap of my weekend trip to Dallas! Read More


August Reads


All the books I read in August!


Friends: praying you’re all staying safe and dry this week with the flooding in south Texas from hurricane Harvey. What a horrible thing to happen to so many people! Nate and I have power and running water, but I know that’s not the case for thousands of other Austin residents. And Houston is already mostly under water, and the rain keeps coming. Right now, there are a bunch of ways to help out monetarily, and I’m on the hunt for ways to volunteer. Have any leads for hands-on work? Email me at so I can know! Thanks. 🙂  

Moving forward to today’s post…it’s time for another month of reads!

This was one of the first times in a long time I didn’t travel at all in August. I had one short drive up to Dallas last weekend to visit my sister, but no planes or loooong road trips like in years past. Last August, my entire family of 10 went to Rosemary Beach in Florida. I was looking back on my 2016 READS from last year, and I listened to five audiobooks in August alone…haha. This girl gets car sick easily, so audiobooks are my only form of entertainment during a long road trip! Read More