Honeymoon, Part 4: Seville


Hey there, and happy Monday! Today I’m sharing the fourth and final post of our honeymoon in Spain: SEVILLE!  If you missed any of the other honeymoon recaps and want to check them out, here they are:

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Visiting Das Peach House in Fredericksburg


On Wednesday, Monique and I took a day trip to the German town of Fredericksburg, TX to visit Fischer and Wieser’s Das Peach HausWe spent the day touring their property, learning about their jams and jellies, sampling everything (oh boy….did we eat a lot!), and wine tasting!

The company is my favorite type: a family-run company that’s been going strong for nearly 50 years. I met Mark Wieser and the whole Fischer family, and they are the sweetest.

They showed us around the property, fed us a farm-to-table lunch (that peach and tomato salad…TAH DIE FOR!), and let us sample wine from nearby vineyards. We also watched a cooking demonstration, followed by 4 more courses of food. The day was not lacking in culinary experiences.

Das Peach Haus is Fischer and Wieser’s location in Fredericksburg, and it would make such a fun destination for a girls getaway, a family weekend trip, or just a day trip like we did! Visitors can stop by to sample the Fischer and Wieser products, taste wine from around the Texas Hill Country, enjoy the back porch overlooking a pond and pine trees, or take a cooking class.

Fischer and Wieser recently launched their Culinary Adventure Cooking School, where you can sign up for a cooking class for 8 to 24 people. John DeMers leads the classes, and he is a hoot and a half. I mean it. I was laughing so hard the whole time he was cooking!

Monique and I drove back to Austin on Wednesday evening, both of us so full from the abundance of food throughout the day. I came home with a basket full of goodies, so I might show you a few recipes I’ve been making with their products.

At the end of the day they asked us if we wanted to grab any product from their shelf to bring home, and I knew exactly what I wanted: the four star black raspberry chipotle sauce.  Yuuuummmm. Y’all, I can’t wait to make something delicious with this!

Thanks for your hospitality, Fischer and Wieser!

Happiest weekend, friends! My sister is coming in town, so I’ll be hanging out with her. I’ve got lots of fun Austin-y things planned…






Honeymoon, Part 3: Rioja


Honeymoon, Part 3: La Rioja

We visited four cities in Spain on our honeymoon, and today I’m sharing the third location: the Rioja wine region. If you missed the first two, you can read my recap of Barcelona here and my post about San Sebastian here.  Read More

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Need Beer And Wifi In Austin? Here’s Where To Go


Need Wifi AND Beer in Austin?Need Wifi AND Beer in Austin? Here's Where To Go!

It’s 2017, and we’re no longer moderately surprised when someone says, “I started my own company and I’m an independent worker.” In fact, it seems that it’s harder to find someone who fits the 9-5 mold than it is to find a entrepreneur or small business owner.

This means when the clock strikes 5:00, the day isn’t over…. Running your own company often means working until 9, 10, maybe midnight? And while the idea of working in a charming coffee shop at 9 am sounds nice, at 9 pm you want a different vibe. When you need an IPA to go along with your wifi, I’ve got you covered! Read More


Honeymoon, Part 2: San Sebastian


Honeymoon in Spain: San Sebastian

On Monday I shared all about our time in Barcelona. Today, I’m sharing details and pictures from our stay in San Sebastian. This was my favorite city of the whole trip! It had food, beach, hiking, more food, then a little more food… It was basically Disney World for foodies!

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