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#NationalFriendshipDay Brunch At Boiler Nine


Happy Monday! So, yesterday was #nationalfriendshipday….who knew, right? Haha. Seems like there’s a National [insert-any-random-crap-you-want-people-to-buy-more-of] Day for everything. Whatever. It’s a little ridiculous to me that every single day has to be a “national food day” because it’s obviously just a marketing scheme. (I mean…it totally pulls me in sometimes!) But National Friendship Day? Welll…that’s something I can get excited about. Especially when it involves a really good brunch at a place I’ve been dying to try.  Read More

Austin / Restaurants

The Best Place To Watch The Sunset On Lake Travis


Where to watch the sunset on Lake Travis...dinner and a view!

Last Friday, Nate and I drove out to Lake Travis to try out the newest waterfront restaurant in Austin: Shack512. Austin is an amazing city, but I’m quick to admit that finding a restaurant with a view of nature is challenging. We don’t have mountains or an ocean, and the city is pretty congested with traffic. That’s why I think Shack512 is such a gem… you have to drive a little bit to get out of the city, but once you’re there, it’s an oasis!  Read More


July Reads


July Reads

Woot! We’re halfway through the week! And I have another good month of books to share with you.

This month was a binge-reading sort of month. I read almost nothing at the beginning of the month when we moved, then I read a bunch of books last week because I had 4 flights. I’m glad I loaded my kindle with some good ones before I took off for McCall last week! Read More


Checking On My “30 Before 30” On My 27th Birthday


Today’s my 27th birthday, and  I’m always thankful for the “reflect and re-set” times of year (New Years and the start of the school year are similar times for me).  You know, those moments when we can look back at the past year and look forward with fresh insight. Read More

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My Acne Story (With Before/After Photos), And Why I Get Chemical Peels


It’s Friday, and I couldn’t be happier! It’s my birthday weekend (my birthday falls on a Monday this year…), and I’m so happy to be spending it at home with Nate in Austin this year.

This is one of those blog posts that’s suuuuuuper uncomfortable to write.. I’m posting an incredibly unflattering picture of me from right when I moved to Austin, talking about the emotional side of dealing with acne, and then the single most important thing I did to finally (FINALLY!) clear my skin. 

This is a bit more vulnerable than usual, but I think a lot of you will be able to relate: my struggle with acne. It’s been about 3 years now since I’ve been clear, but before that I had been battling cystic acne on and off for about a decade. Finding a good facial spa is an important step to take in your 20s, and I’ve found on in Austin that I love. Read More