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Hey, I’m Kelsey, and I’m so glad you’re here!

So Much Life is an Austin food and lifestyle blog about the best food trucks, coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries this city has to offer. 

This blog is for people who love trying to find the very best food and drinks and want to try something new every day.

It’s for my fellow aspiring foodies, wine drinkers, beer lovers, coffee addicts, and explorers. It’s for people who want to fill each day with health, food, love, and friends!

about This blog

Like I mentioned before, I’m Kelsey, and I’m an Austin, TX resident. I adore this city. I think I’m pretty lucky to call it my home!  I actually started blogging way back when I graduated from college. I was tired of hearing people say they’re sad that “the best four years of our lives are over!” when I couldn’t help but feel excited that there’s still so much life to live! So, I hopped on over to and created a blog with that exact title…haha. It was mostly my emotional ramblings and a few day-in-the-life-posts to keep up with my extended family. That blog has now been taken down, and I switched servers and shortened the title a bit, and…here we are!

Exploring a cool city is like, my favorite thing EVER. When I travel, I try to pack it all in (like when I was in Denver the other month and went to 9 craft breweries and 4 coffee shops in 2 days..). I love Austin, and I never ever want to leave, and I’m trying to know it like the back of my hand. Whether you’re an Austinite like me, or you just want to come visit this cool, weird city, I want to help you explore the city and find some yummy treats and fun stuff to do.

In addition to writing about the foodie scene in Austin, I also like to do a monthly recap of the books I’ve read. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies for personal growth and development and just plain ol’ fun! I call this post READS, and it’s published at the end of each month.

about me

I’m a Longhorn (hook ’em!), a professional violinist and teacher, and a food lover! Here are a few random tidbits to help you know me better:

-I was a college swimmer, but now I focus more on yoga, running, and barre.
-I’m trying to visit 20 countries before I turn 30! 9 to go..
-Reading is my favorite hobby, because #learningiscool. Every month I do a book review of what I’ve read, and you can check those out here. My kindle is my most used device.
-Coffee dates with friends (and strangers!) are my fave. If you ever want to get coffee with me, just reach out! Here are some of my favorite coffee shops in Austin.
-I ADORE Austin! (Did I already mention that?….)
– I met my  husband on okCupid. Read all about that crazy adventure right here!

Click around, read what interests you, leave a comment, and stay a while!