Hello 2018! 12 Little Monthly Goals


Despite my love of dreaming and planning (I shared all about that in this instagram post), I’m not one to make one big New Year’s resolution on January 1st. This is because I’ve never once been able to follow a strict goals for a whole year….aaaand it sounds kinda boring to me anyway.

Instead, I’m making 12 little monthly goals that I’ll follow for the duration of the month. If it’s a habit I enjoy, I’ll keep it up. If I’m totally over itI won’t keep it up after that month.

Have you ever done something like this? I’d love to hear about your experience!

These are my 12 little monthly goals. Feel free to do them along with me, or make up your own!


31 Days of Meditation. I’ve been motivated to start meditating after reading Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass and Greg McKeown’s Essentialism. (You’ve heard me talk about these two books so many times by now!) I tried it a few times in December, and I was amazed at how hard it is for me to get my mind to become still!

I’m trying the headspace app for now, and it’s a nice way to get started… I’m not sure if I’ll pay for the subscription ($12.99/mo for the monthly subscription, and $7.99/mo for annual) or not. I’m always wary to add new subscription to my monthly bills; it’s too easy to add, and difficult to subtract!

But I will say that it’s been a very helpful tool in getting started with meditating.

The hardest part about meditating is that  there is no goal. I really like goals (clearly!! ;), so doing something where I’m just sitting in silence, quieting my mind, and not really able to track “progress” is a different thing for me altogether.

I’m only 5 days in, but I’m enjoying the results so far. Head feels clearer throughout the day when I do it in the morning, and I sleep well at night when I do it before bedtime. These days have been super chill/not stressful… I wonder how it will help in difficult times?


28 Days of Fresh Flowers. Because February is the boring-est month, and I need something pretty in my life!


31 Days of Workouts. Every single day….can I do it? March seems like a good month to re-vamp my exercise routine.


30 Days of Writing Letters. Did you know that April is National Letter Writing Month? If you want a letter, e-mail me your address!


31 Days of No Sugar. Oh gosh, I’m already dreading this. But I’m a self-declared #sugaraddict, and I keep wanting to try to break the habit… It’s gonna hurt.


30 Days of Waking Up At 6. I love mornings, but I still need an alarm to wake me. I wonder, if I do it for 30 days in a row, will my body automatically wake up early? Bonus: the sun wakes up earlier in June, so that will make it easier!


31 Days of Gratitude. Writing it, feeling it, thinking it. Every day.


31 Days of Working On Spanish. Anyone else still have “learn a second language” on your bucket list?


30 Days of Reading The NewsI’d like to work on being better informed. September will be about starting my day with the news instead of immediately jumping on instagram.


31 Days of 1 Media-Free Day Per Week. I need this.


30 Days of Trying New Craft Beer. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Austin Beer Week…all month long! (This is my husband’s favorite challenge I’ve picked…)


31 Days of Journaling. Time moves too quickly. I want to remember the little details.

Some of these are fun or funny, and some of them are a bit intense. I’m excited for the challenges, and I’m eager to find out which ones are habits I’ll keep!





11 comments on “Hello 2018! 12 Little Monthly Goals”

  1. I love this idea! You’ve got a great mix of both fun and more intense challenges! Looking forward to following along this year. Maybe I’ll join in on a few. 🙂

  2. This is such a fun way to revamp the goal-setting of the new year. I can totally get on board with some of these goals and may think of a couple months to participate myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. these are great goals! love the idea of daily flowers in february; i could totally use that since february in new england is so incredibly cold and white.

    also, i like your idea of 31 days of spanish in august! i love learning languages and think spanish is tons of fun – my spanish improved immensely when i lived in ATX because i worked in E.Austin. (i’m a UT alum – hook em!). however if you want to really learn spanish i’d encourage you to try to incorporate it into your life daily somehow. (i listened to spanish radio and watched telanovelas to speeden up my learning progress.) =)

    1. GREAT idea! I’m totally gonna circle back around to this and ask you for more advice when I get to this month… I definitely agree that I need to commit to it long-term if I’m going to actually learn the language!

  4. I love the idea of doing fresh flowers in February – it’s always such a dreary month that flowers sound like a great way to brighten it up!

    No sugar is HARD, but when I quit sugar a few years ago I felt great. I’m back to my bad habits again, but not nearly as bad as before my sugar detox.

    I think doing your early morning wake-up in June is smart – it will be light out and it’s always easier for me to get up early when the sun is already up.

    And craft beer in November sounds excellent!

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