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The Best Restaurant To Watch The Sunset On Lake Travis


Where to watch the sunset on Lake Travis...dinner and a view!

Last Friday, Nate and I drove out to Lake Travis to try out the newest waterfront restaurant in Austin: Shack512. Austin is an amazing city, but I’m quick to admit that finding a restaurant with a view of nature is challenging. We don’t have mountains or an ocean, and the city is pretty congested with traffic. That’s why I think Shack512 is such a gem… you have to drive a little bit to get out of the city, but once you’re there, it’s an oasis! 

Shack512 is the newest restaurant to open on Lake Travis…and I literally mean right on the lake! Boaters can come straight from the water, tie their boas to the Shack512 dock, and stop in for a bite. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a calm meal while admiring the sinking sun, this is gonna be your jam.

They have all the classics: burgers, fries, nachos, and grilled fish. But I tried out a few of their specialties, and here are my thoughts:

Rosemary fries: YES. Yes to this. If they name them “Rosemary fries,” I want to really taste the rosemary…and with these fries, you can.

Shrimp Bobbers: my favorite appetizer! It’s a simple idea to take jalapeño-stuffed shrimp and wrap it in bacon, but Shack512 also uses a sweet bourbon glaze to make it next-level amazing.

Texas Chicken Alfredo: again, it’s a simple idea, but I love what their twist on this classic dish! Shack512 makes a “Texas Alfredo Sauce” that’s packed with flavor, and it’s juuuust the right amount of spicy for me. I don’t do great with incredibly spicy food, so on a spicy scale from 1-10, this was a 6. That’s perfect for me.

Lakeside S’moresscroll to the bottom for the picture. Nothing screams “summer” like s’mores by the lake!

Left, then clockwise: Shimp Bobbers, Spicy Green Beans, Pulled Pork Nachos

The Texas Chicken Alfredo is a must! Spicy and creamy “Texas alfredo sauce” (with plenty of jalapeño) smothers the breaded chicken breast and penne pasta. A fun twist on an ordinary dish.

It really is a gorgeous way to enjoy dinner! We went to Shack512 during that crazy heat wave that hit last week, so temps were still in upper 90s at 8 pm. Gross. I think I’d enjoy it even more in the cooler months of September-October.

Also, eating by the lake made me want to go boating! I have fond childhood memories of boating with my family and our neighborhood friends. Each year, we’d rent a pontoon and scoot around the lake, dragging an innertube behind. There were a lot of kids in that group, so we’d have to make a long queue to each get a turn on the tube….I remember it feeling like hours before it would be my turn! I’ve yet to go boating in Austin. I need to check that off the list soon. 😉

Weekend plans for you? Life is being kind to me right now and giving me a free weekend. I’ll be home in Austin, boppin’ around town, eating food, and spending time with that handsome husband of mine!

Happy Friday!