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Austin’s Favorite Vegan Restaurant Returns


Vegan Food in Austin

Here’s the thing: when Austinites want one of their favorite restaurants to make a comeback, they’ll make their voices heard.

Veggie Heaven closed in 2014 after a (nearly) 20 year run of serving vegan and vegetarian food on Guadalupe, right by UT campus. When I asked owner Stacy Chen why she decided to reopen, she shrugged her shoulders, “we kept hearing from customers telling us to come back.”  Chen decided to re-open it this year (in a new location on W. 5th Street) with a slightly different concept: forget the vegetarian thing….we’re going VEGAN! 

Vegan Food in Austin

This restaurant is mostly focused on Taiwanese-inspired comfort food. The menu is several pages deep…expect to get stumped on what to order (I know that I did….thanks to my waiter Tim for helping me pick a few items!).

I’m not vegan, but I’m never opposed to trying a new type of food. Veggie Heaven is certainly not lacking in the flavor department! There are so many yummy curry and chili flavors to #spiceupyourlife. And because we can’t live on fried cauliflower “wings” forever (no matter how ooey-gooey and delicious that sticky glaze is!), they have plenty of healthy vegan bites too, like the Summer Bowl with broccoli, cabbage, and rice noodle.

Although I do eat meat, I still try to go meatless for one day out of every week, which is why I’m excited Veggie Heaven is open again! Austin is not lacking in the vegetarian department, but it’s just a little harder to find great vegan restaurants for those who want to eliminate all dairy and eggs. Welcome back, Veggie Heaven! Glad y’all are here.

Protein Vadar (spicy): fried protein battered, cooked with garlic, onion, string beans, with spicy Sichuan sauce.

Cauliflower “Wings” served with with teriyaki, thai chili, or curry flavor.

Ok y’all… these were super tasty! I tried all three, and the teriyaki and curry were my two favorites.

Summer Bowl: broccoli, fried tofu, cabbage, rice noodle in garlic, onion infused soy brown sauce, topped with fresh basil and slivered almonds. 

This was my favorite dish I tried, because it was the healthiest. Everything (I mean everything) had a great taste, but when I’m ordering takeout for a busy evening and need something healthy (and not fried….), this would be it.

Healthy. Filling. Oh-so-tasty.

Taiwan pancake served with Asian slaw and dipping sauce.

Don’t forget your bubble tea!

The original Veggie Heaven closed before I had a chance to go back in 2014… Did you ever visit it? I looked at an old picture and it’s much smaller and grungier than the new location. Anyway, I love a good comeback story. 🙂

Veggie Heaven,  1611 W. 5th St, Austin TX 78703





7 comments on “Austin’s Favorite Vegan Restaurant Returns”

  1. Wow! It’s hard to believe all that food – and Taiwanese food in general – is vegan! Looks good! I’ve never tried it but it did smell nice when I worked out next door. 😉 Can’t wait to try it!

  2. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I do try and have 1-2 days a week that I designate as vegetarian days for my meals. And I’m a huge fan of ALL the veggies! So I’ve come to the conclusion I would love Veggie Heaven.

  3. Veggie Heaven was a personal and family favorite for twenty years, and we sorely grieved its closing (while wishing Ms. Chen a happy retirement). We’d sing Christmas carols with John Aielli at the Capitol every year, then eat at Veggie Heaven. I’d judge UIL events on the UT campus, then eat at Veggie Heaven. Any reason for a trip to Austin (from home in Lago Vista) became an excuse to visit Veggie Heaven. We are beyond delighted to hear they’re back in business!

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