The Blog Post That Wasn’t A Blog Post


….because life just got TOO crazy for me to finish this today!

Just stopping in to say hi (uh, HI!). After closing on our house last Friday, we’ve been scrambling to get our current house staged and ready for the realtor to while we’re in Spain.

Oh, and I’ve spent approximately 14,275 hours at a car dealership looking at cars to figure out which one I want. (My car broke down a few weeks ago, and Nate and I have been a one car family. Not easy!) I finally chose my car and bought it on Monday – hooray! It was my first time to buy a new car (I’ve been a used car person up until now). I feel a little bit more like an adult now.

So, my first home-buying and my first car-buying experience happened within 72 hours of each other. Ha! It wasn’t planned to be that way. Big purchases stress me out (I’m the girl who won’t buy a $18 dress from Target before thinking about it for 3 days). But life just happened this way, so I’m rolling with it and enjoying having a car that doesn’t break down on me!

This “blog post that wasn’t a blog post” is turning into a lot of words, so I’ll sign out now. Just wanted to stop by and say that I love writing words and sharing food with y’all!

Talk soon,