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Friday Favorites – April 7, 2017


Happy Friday!!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done one of these, so I’m going to join up with sweet Amanda’s link party to share some of the best things that have been going on in my life lately.


2 Weeks of Being Married!

Tomorrow marks two weeks of being married to Nate! They’ve been perfect (as the first two weeks should be, right? Haha). This week has been a little crazy with my schedule (I’ve been leaving the house at 6:30 am and not home until 10:30 pm, with some free time in between. But Nate hasn’t been free when I’m free, so any spare moment when we can meet up for lunch or something, we will!

The only challenge with being married has been remembering to introduce myself with my new last name! Haha. Seriously, when does this start to feel like I’m not playing make-believe? This week I’ve had about 30 individual meetings with new students, and every time I had to struggle to to remember to say, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Kennedy!”


Subscription Veggie Box

I like the idea of supporting local farms. But in reality, going to the farmers market every Saturday morning was more of a a struggle than anything. It just didn’t happen! So I signed up for a weekly share of veggies from Johnson’s Backyard Garden, a local farm here in Austin. Every Friday I swing by our pick-up location and we have a box full of fresh veggies!

The picture above that I shared on my instagram page was a salad Nate made using our veggies (plus a crab cake from Central Market.) There’s something about those local, organic veggies…they’re full of so much more flavor than supermarket veggies! I’ve loved getting this weekly box because it forces me to eat a wider variety of veggies than I normally would. For instance, I would never go to the store and pick up radishes, turnips, and dandelion greens…because I just don’t do that! But if they’re delivered in the box, I have to find recipes for them and just eat them. (Turns out I really love radishes!)


25% Off Anthropologie’s Dresses

I am loving Anthropologie’s dress line right now, and they’re all 25% off right now! I went into the store yesterday and tried a bunch of them on. I ended up walking out with three, including that pretty little halter dress. I have a couple occasions coming up soon when I’ll need dresses. Can’t wait to wear this one!

I guess I haven’t been into an Anthropologie store in a while…a few years at least. But oh my gosh there are SO many adorable things that I love right now! How cute is this one-shoulder midi dress?



I’m (Finally) On Facebook!

So Much Life Blog is officially on Facebook! I created that earlier this week. Instagram will always be my first love (I just adore all the pretty food pictures! I can’t help myself…), but you can also find me at these social media accounts:

Instagram: @somuchlifeblog

Twitter: @somuchlifeblog


Other things I love: 

Joy the Baker just released her new cookbook, and I need it! I need to have it!

If you didn’t catch it, I shared some travel snapshots from my recent trip to Florence with my three sisters. The four of us had the best time ever! I’m so thankful for my sisters.

Jane at “A Taste of Koko” shared 5 Best Restaurants in Austin That You’ve Never Heard Of last week….as an APRIL FOOLS! Seriously, so funny! She took (incredibly flattering) photos of places like Taco Bell, IHOP, and Chili’s. Then she renamed them as an April Fools joke on her readers to see who would fall for it!

Last Friday I shared the 5 books I read in March, and ha! I I was all over the place with my reading! This month I’m trying to have a bit more of a plan with the books I read. (Partly because I have got to stop reading so many memoirs from contestants who were on The Bachelor! #guiltypleasure)

I’m playing a concert with Austin Symphony this week. We’re performing Dvorak Symphony No. 8, which I haven’t played in years! I’m loving that this week. We have performances tonight and tomorrow!


Have the best weekend, friends! Like I mentioned above, I have two orchestra concerts to play, as well as a community service project tomorrow morning. I’m also trying to squeeze in a couple foodie adventures over the weekend (as always, sharing those over on Instagram!), so it should be a full, fun weekend!





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  1. Congratulations on getting married! That’s a beautiful picture! I’m always a fan of Anthro but I find I don’t get into the store often enough either. Checking out your book recommendations now..I always like adding new ones to my list to read 🙂
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. Yay! Looks like so much good stuff going on. That wedding exit photo is so dreamy! I still want to see a symphony concert! I’ll see if I can fit that in soon!

  3. Hi!!

    Your blog is so cute!! Congrats on being married for two weeks! I say celebrate every single milestone haha!! I also just bought that colorful halter dress from Anthropologie and can’t wait to wear it this Summer!! So fun!!

  4. I was just in an anthropologie store in Vegas and went crazy! So much cuteness and speaking of cuteness, how adorable are you! Congratulations on two weeks of wedded bliss and here’s to many many more! Have a wonderful weekend sweetheart!

  5. Yay for your two weeks of being married! That schedule of yours sounds crazy, hopefully you can enjoy your weekend and I love the idea of a weekly veggie box! Your pictures look amazing so I’m heading over to Instagram to follow you! Have a great weekend!

  6. Congrats on two weeks of marriage!!! Anthropology always has such cute things!!! And the smell of their stores always makes me want to buy a million candles too!!! How fun that you’re playing with the symphony. That has to be a cool experience! Have a great weekend!

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