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Celebrating Our First Month of Marriage!


Hey there! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was our “monthiversary” of our March 25th wedding. This is where I’m supposed to say, “I can’t believe it’s already been a month!!” but honestly, it feels like it’s been about 6 months… Haha. Our married life is comfortable and wonderful… It feels like we’ve been married for much longer than a month! But even though we’re both so happy and loving life together, this month has been so busy and packed, so it’s actually felt like a very, very long month.  Read More

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Polvos Mexican Restaurant: An Austin Classic


My family and friends ask this question all the time: “I’m visiting Austin and want a Mexican restaurant with good margaritas, chips and queso, and an outdoor patio. Where should I go? Answer: Polvos! Read More

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11 Ice Cream Shops in Austin You Should Try This Summer


It’s only April, but temperatures in Austin, TX are already nearing the 90s. Ice cream is my summer treat of choice… (If I’m being honest, it’s my favorite in the winter, too.) I love a delicious cone! I
frequently Read More

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My New Favorite North Austin Taco Joint


I unashamedly act like a tourist in my own city.. It’s pretty rare that Nate and I have a free weekend at the same time, but when we do, it’s restaurant research and lists, maps and schedules, and then GO! We’re off, scooting around Austin to cram in as much fun stuff as we can. We eat lots of food, we go to festivals and events, and sometimes we squeeze in a little shopping if there’s something interesting (like last week’s CB2 opening at the domain!). We both had Good Friday off work, so we spent the day exploring. On the list: a new (to us) taco joint: Tyson’s Tacos!

This north Austin taco shack (it’s only outdoor seating, so I can appropriately call it a “shack”) was opened by Tyson and Cherry Blankemeyer. Their previous restaurant experience in Monterrey, Mexico definitely qualified them to create great tacos. But instead of going with what they knew, they decided to learn about “Austin tacos” and make those. The result? Lots of smoked meat, breakfast tacos, queso, and all sorts of other Austin favorites! (*insert me stuffing my face here*)

Here are a few reasons why I love this place:

  • SMOKER! Not many taco joints have their own smoker, and you can definitely taste the difference in the meat!
  • 24/7. Tacos at any time of the day (or night). BOOM baby!
  • Quintessentially “Austin-y” patio. Looking for a cool place to hang out on a weekend? Grab breakfast tacos and relax on the patio! Bonus: you’ll smell like BBQ from the smoker by the time you leave. 😉 (This is a good thing, IMO.)
  • The names of their tacos are AWESOME. I love a clever menu, so I was pretty jazzed when I first looked over theirs. (“Razzmataz,” anyone? Maybe an “I’m So Egg-Cited?” Baha. Clever, Tyson’s. Clever.)

The only reason why I dislike this place:

  • It’s in north Austin. I’m a south Austinite, but if I lived up north, I’d be at Tyson’s Tacos all the time!

Tyson’s Tacos, 4905 Airport Blvd

Open 24/7


Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by today, friends! Have a great Wednesday. 😉


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Free Chef Demo Next Week with Macy’s Culinary Council


Hey Friends!

I have an event I want to share with you today! There are so many fun things happening in Austin every weekend, and I’d like to be better about letting people know about them ahead of time. So here’s a really fun one, hosted by Macy’s Culinary Council: Read More