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Our South Austin Wedding!


Today marks our two month anniversary (woohoo! I love being married!) and we’re  currently honeymooning in Spain, so this seemed like a great time to share some pictures and details from our wedding day! Read More

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The Blog Post That Wasn’t A Blog Post


….because life just got TOO crazy for me to finish this today!

Just stopping in to say hi (uh, HI!). After closing on our house last Friday, we’ve been scrambling to get our current house staged and ready for the realtor to while we’re in Spain.

Oh, and I’ve spent approximately 14,275 hours at a car dealership looking at cars to figure out which one I want. (My car broke down a few weeks ago, and Nate and I have been a one car family. Not easy!) I finally chose my car and bought it on Monday – hooray! It was my first time to buy a new car (I’ve been a used car person up until now). I feel a little bit more like an adult now.

So, my first home-buying and my first car-buying experience happened within 72 hours of each other. Ha! It wasn’t planned to be that way. Big purchases stress me out (I’m the girl who won’t buy a $18 dress from Target before thinking about it for 3 days). But life just happened this way, so I’m rolling with it and enjoying having a car that doesn’t break down on me!

This “blog post that wasn’t a blog post” is turning into a lot of words, so I’ll sign out now. Just wanted to stop by and say that I love writing words and sharing food with y’all!

Talk soon,



My Life

Life Update: We Bought a House!


Woohoo! Friends….I was definitely planning on waiting to share this little tidbit until we had moved in, but I’m just way too excited to not share: we bought a house! 

The short story is this: we had been working on a major remodel project for our current house (a cute and slightly boxy house  built in 1961 that Nate bought about 5 years ago). The purpose of the project was to open up the house to create the desired “open floor plan” that makes cooking and hosting and entertaining so much fun!

The remodel project fell through 1 week after our wedding, mostly due to some engineering changes we would have had to make. It was a major bummer, because we had poured so much time and energy into this project. But it just didn’t make sense to do it anymore. We had picked appliances and tiles and flooring, and we were all ready to sign to start the project right after our wedding! 🙁

So we went back to square one. We knew that, long-term, we didn’t want to be in a house with a teeny kitchen like ours. That’s where we spend most of our time! So we started scouring Trulia for houses, thinking we would probably never find something that we loved in the right part of town. Umm, but then we did. Knowing the CRAZINESS of the Austin real estate market, we knew we had to make an offer right away!

End of the story: we closed on the house last week, and we’re SO EXCITED to move in when we get back from our honeymoon! We’ll be staying in south Austin, just moving down the road a bit.

Psst: here’s a little preview of the kitchen! I can’t wait to host friends and family and share food with them here!

To say that “the first 7 weeks of married life has been a whirlwind” would be an understatement. 7 weeks feels like 7 months because of everything that has happened… UGH! I’ve mentioned that my car broke down, and I’ve now shopped for and purchased another one. In addition to that, Nate’s car decided to hit the hay too, so we were functioning solely on ride shares and rentals for a while. (I’d drop him off at work at 6:45 a.m. so I could make it to teach at 7:15… Cue the coffee!) Also, I’ve had a little bit of a career change in that I’m opening my own private violin teaching studio from home. Fun, but also intimidating! We’ve also had no access to our kitchen over the past two weeks while we’ve done some “sprucing” on our current house, so we haven’t been able to cook at home. Life has been BONKERS!

I will NEVER look back at this stage of life and think, “what a boring time.” Haha! Life has definitely kept me on my toes! I’m infinitely grateful to be going through all of this with Nate by my side.




Austin / Restaurants

Modern Market Opens in Westlake


Modern Market is a farm fresh eatery that started in Boulder, CO. They now have 29 locations around the United States, and their second Austin location is opening TODAY! Woop!

I got to try a sneak preview last night as the restaurant tried their “practice dinner” on some guests. Read More

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My Current Reasons for Working Out


My parents met at a swim workout, and now they’ve been married for over 30 years. They had both been swimming with a Masters team, and they met at an early morning swim workout. I think if you fall in love at 5:30 in the morning with a swim cap on and no makeup, you know you’ve got something special going. 😉

Because fitness is obviously a big part of my parents’ lives, it’s always been part of mine.

I was obsessed with calories (OBSESSED!) in my late teenage years. I loved the calorie-counter on the elliptical machine at my college gym. (Never mind that it’s TOTALLY not accurate, but whatever. I loved it.) That was probably the unhealthiest stage of my life. My fitness was about nothing but making sure I burned lots of calories. I could care less about strength training….I wanted all the cardio.

I also had the stage of life where fitness was about competition. I had the privilege of swimming competitively in college. The point of workouts then was to get faster to beat the competition, score points for our team, and win the meet. I loved the early morning workouts and long hours of yardage in the afternoons and the weight lifting sessions because I was thinking about beating that certain team at the conference meet.

But now, at my current stage of adult life, I’m doing fitness as a means of mental health and happiness. I’m more aware of how my mood and spirituality is affected by how often I stretch my muscles and get my heart rate moving. More than ever, I’m using fitness as my “me time.” (<- I never understood people who said that until my life got crazy enough for me to really struggle to find time to relax and unwind. Now it makes sense. Ya feel me?)

My 2 Favorite Workouts Right Now

  1. I’m LOVING barre! I’ve been mildly obsessed with The Barre Code lately. After years of hearing people rave about barre workouts, I tried it for myself. OH MY GOSH, everyone was right! I’m starting to see results after just a few weeks, and it’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. I just LOVE the empowerment I feel after a class! (<- I typed that and realized it sounds like the most cliché workout brochure, but it’s the best way I can think to describe the post-class glow right now.) I just feel strong after I take a barre class, and I like that.

2. I still love yoga! Like I said, fitness is more for mental health than anything right now, ha! Yoga reminds me to stand tall and breath. It reminds me to notice my feelings, but not let them control me. I love the way I feel more centered after a yoga class .

Like I’ve mentioned before, life has been a bit bonkers over at our home! One of the many (ugh, too many) things going on is that my car decided to die…..#byecar. And then, just a few days later, Nate’s car starting acting up, too! So within a few days we went from being a 2 car family, to a 1 car family, to a zero car family!

I spent 5 hours at a car dealership yesterday test-driving my top choices. I currently have a loaner car from the dealership sitting outside on my driveway while I make my final decision. Since that took up my free time during the day, I woke up at 5:30 to take a barre class before work. I’ve never been a HUGE fan of early morning workouts (even in my college swimming years), but I’m now to the point where I feel thankful for that time that I can take for myself before the day gets started.

What about you? What are your current reasons for working out? They definitely change with the seasons of life!

Wishing you the happiest Wednesday, friend!